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Web Wars

webwars.gif (14491 bytes) Quite a nice into the screen shooter with a little birdy thing in it (i'm pretty sure the story line's more complex than that, but hey, i really can't be bothered to go into it!).

Fun to play.




WEBOVL.ZIP - Screen overlays for use with the emulator

WEBWARS.ZIP - ROM image of the game


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Original Game Instructions

Web Wars
Enter a galaxy of the future filled with adventure and danger -- a galaxy unlike any you have imagined before.
You become the Hawk King -- a creature capable of incredible speed and power -- as you attempt to capture the amazing creatures that inhabit the speeding Web of Fantasy. All 20 creatures are protected by guardians and the dreaded Cosmic Dragon and each will become progressively more difficult to capture. No one has ever captured the elusive twentieth creature. Will you?

Joystick: Controls the movement of Hawk King.
Button 1: Exit Trophy Room.
Button 2: Exit Trophy Room.
Button 3: Capture. Activates Hawk King's capture rod.
Button 4: Fire.

Game Play
You become the Hawk King in Web Wars and you character will come into view at the bottom of the screen. You will be soaring through the Web of Fantasy in search of the prized creatures that inhabit this part of the universe. Your mission is to safely navigate the Web while attempting to capture as many of the 20 species of the creatures as you can for display in your Trophy Room.
As you begin, you will encounter squadrons of deadly guardian Drones that
protect each of the creatures. The Drones will attack you mercilessly and will destroy Hawk King on contact. Move quickly and cautiously through the Web using your blaster to eliminate them. The Drones may also be out-maneuvered in flight, however they will return to follow you at a speed ten m.p.h. faster than the speed you passed them. You may slow down and allow these Drones to get in front of you again to destroy them or speed up and leave them behind you. The greater speed you are traveling, the higher points scored for destroying a Drone.
When a creature appears, use the joystick to position Hawk King within the Web so that you will meet it head-on and capture it with you Capture Rod. Once you have captured a creature, a portal will appear within the Web -- this leads to your Trophy Room where you place the captured creatures on display. Soar through the portal and enter the seclusion of your Trophy Room. When you are prepared to return to the hunt, press either button 1 or 2, and you will be transported back into the Web of Fantasy.
If you fail to capture a species after two of its creatures have appeared,
or fail to enter a portal after two attempts, the dreaded Cosmic Dragon will appear in the distance and rapidly approach you. When you are within range, it will shoot fireballs at you with deadly accuracy. Unfortunately, you have no defense against the Cosmic Dragon other than avoiding its fireballs with split-second adjustments in your flight pattern. Each time the Cosmic Dragon appears, its accuracy will improve and it will fire a greater number of fireballs. Beware!
As the Hawk King, you will be provided with five lives. Use extreme caution
as you travel through the Web. Contact with a guardian Drone, one of the creatures or one of the Cosmic Dragon's fireballs will destroy one of your lives. Happy hunting!

Hawk King- Through the magic of Web Wars, you are transformed into Hawk King, a creature capable of incredible power and speed. You will be equipped with a blaster that will enable you to destroy the deadly guardian Drones that protect the fantasy creatures and a Capture Rod which you use to capture the devilishly shrewd creatures.
Drones- The Drones are four-pointed, star-shaped bodies that travel in  squadrons protecting each of the 20 species of fantasy creatures. They may be destroyed with your blaster of avoided in flight. However if they are not destroyed, they will return to follow Hawk King 10 m.p.h. faster than the speed you were travelling when you originally passed them.
Fantasy Creatures- There are 20 species of these shrewd little creatures --
each more difficult to capture than the one before. Your blaster will have no effect on them whatsoever. You can only capture them with your Capture Rod. Capture as many as you can. Maybe you'll be the first to see AND capture the elusive twentieth specie!
Remember, that are as deadly as they are shrewd. Contact with one of the creatures will result in a loss of one of your five lives. Cosmic Dragon- The most deadly protector of the inhabitants of the Web, the Cosmic Dragon will appear if you fail to capture the creatures or gain entry to your Trophy Room after two attempts. You can only avoid it through skillful flying.

Trophy Room- By soaring through one of the entry portals, you will be able to travel to your Trophy Room. After capturing one of the species, mount it on your wall with the rest of your hunting trophies. You may rest briefly in the seclusion of the Room and return to the hunt when you are again prepared to meet the challenge of the Web. You will automatically be returned to the Web after 30 seconds if you haven't pushed one of the exit buttons.

Points are awarded as follows:
Fantasy Creatures 325 points per capture
Guardian Drones 75 points for each Drone, plus
10 percent of the speed shown.
Trophy Room 750 points each time you soar through
a portal and enter your Trophy Room.

Bonus Scoring
An extra Hawk King life will be awarded at the following point levels:

25,000 points
50,000 points
90,000 points
250,000 points
999,000 points

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