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Star Trek

strek.gif (6170 bytes) Known as Starship in the UK (due to copyright restrictions?) this is a fairly average first person perspective shoot-em-up. The graphics are quite nice but there's not a whole lot of gameplay in there.

Okay for a quick blast every now and then.



STREKOVL.ZIP - Screen overlays for use with the emulator

STARTREK.ZIP - ROM image of the game


Box Scans

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Original Game Instructions

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Welcome, Captain Kirk, to your command on the Starship Enterprise. Your mission is to seek out and destroy the enemy Klingon Mothership. Travel through nine sectors of space, each more difficult, or take a shortcut through the Black Hole. Be careful... the Klingons and Romulans are hiding in space, waiting to destroy you at every turn!

Joystick: Moves your ship through space from the pilot's view.
Button 1: No function.
Button 2: Power Link- Locks your ship on your Space Station door (to refuel)
or in the Black Hole.
Button 3: Shield.
Button 4: Fire- at Klingons, Romulans, and their torpedoes.

Black Hole Sector Selection
You can select which of the first eight sectors contains the Black Hole, which is the shortcut to the enemy Klingon Mothership. When Game 1 appears on the screen, press button 2 to change the sector in which you want the Black Hole to appear. For example, if you press button 2 twice, Game 3 will appear on the screen. This will put the Black Hole in Sector 3. If you do not choose a particular sector, the Black Hole will be in Sector 1.

Starting Game Play
Once you select the number of players and the sector of the Black Hole, press button 4 to enter the first sector of space and start game play. If you do not press button 4 once the number of players and the sector of the sector of the Black Hole are selected, the game will be in a self-play mode. 
Pressing any button when you are in this mode will return you to the beginning of the game.

Descriptions: [My descriptions, the manual has little drawings..]
Klingons: Have a triangle in the center of their ships.
Romulans: The other ships. Flat, bat-like ships..
Klingon Torpedoes: Six-pointed star (asterisk).
Romulan Torpedoes: Four-pointed star.
Black Hole: Several concentric squares.
Your Space Station: Bowl-like with rotating "door."
Enemy Klingon Mothership: Large bad-ass ship. You'll know it when you find
it. :)

Game Play
As Captain Kirk, you view the action from behind the windshield of the Starship Enterprise. [Don't accuse me of that one, the manual says windshield]
Use the joystick to maneuver your ship through space and aim your gunsight at the appropriate target. Use button 4 to fire lasers at your enemies and the torpedoes they hurl at you. If you can't hit the torpedo, press button 3 to place a protective shield in front of your ship. Your shield will cause the torpedoes to bounce off. If you destroy all the ships in a sector, you will automatically move to the next sector. Each new sector has more enemies who move even faster. If your clear out the first eight sectors, you will enter Sector 9... and face the dreaded Klingon Mothership.

Getting Hit
If you are hit by a torpedo, your windshield [Exactly how much wind IS in space, anyway :)] will crack. If you have additional ships left, you will be given another chance to clear out the sector you are in.

The Black Hole
Rather than fighting through all eight sectors in order to get to Sector 9, you can take a shortcut through the Black Hole. To enter the Black Hole, aim your gunsight and press button 2, the Power Link. You will automatically be transported to Sector 9. There is only one Black Hole in each game.

Klingon Mothership
Sector 9 contains the deadly Klingon Mothership, which furiously shoots torpedoes of all types at you. The Mothership must be hit directly on the nose in order to be destroyed. Additionally, the Mothership can only be destroyed when its nose is lit up.
Beware... very few get out alive! If you do manage to survive (somehow) you will be automatically transported back to Sector 1 and the game will continue.

Laser Power and Shield Strength
Laser power and shield strength are limited. The gauges are at the bottom of the screen -- the line on the left is your remaining laser power and the line on the right is your remaining shield strength. Each of your ships will start with full laser power and shield strength. Keep an eye on your gauges. When the lines start to look low, you will need to refuel at your Space Station. Watch carefully each time you complete all nine sectors in a galaxy. Every new galaxy uses up lasers and shield at quicker rates.

Time your refuelling carefully because you only have 1 Space Station in each sector. To refuel, you must hook up with door of your Space Station by lining up your gunsight with the door and then pressing button 2, the Power Link. If you make contact, the Space Station will freeze as your tanks fill up.
[Not in manual- Normally, you are invincible while doing this (actually, the enemy ships will not fire at you while you are docked). However, if an enemy torpedo has already been shot at you when you dock, it WILL hit you. Watch out for this...]

Number of Ships
At the beginning of each game, you will have 3 ships. A bonus ship is awarded each time destroy the Mothership.

Points are earned for destroying enemy ships, torpedoes, and the Mothership,
as follows:

Object Points
Torpedo 300

Romulans and 300 - 800 The farther the enemy is from you, the
Klingons in more points you get.
normal flight.

Romulans and 1000
banking near
you ship.

Mothership 5000

Additionally, you are awarded a bonus of 1500 points for destroying all ships in a sector. No points are earned or lost for destroying your own  Space Station.

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