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shawk.gif (7282 bytes) This one's another shoot-em-up, kind of a cross between Star Wars and Missile Command. Just aim your sights at the enemy ships and shoot them.

The game is played within a time limit, when your time's up the game ends.

Overall the game is very simplistic, not one of my favourites.



SHAWKOVL.ZIP - Screen overlays for use with the emulator

SHAWK.ZIP - ROM image of the game


Box Scans

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Original Game Instructions

Fasten your seatbelt... you're the pilot defending the sovereignty of your planet. Don't blink -- you might miss one of the alien vessels.

Joystick: Moves your ships gunsight as you travel over the planet.
Button 1: Unused.
Button 2: Unused.
Button 3: Unused.
Button 4: Fire.

Two controllers are required to two player games.

Game selection
You have a choice of two game play options. They are:

GAME 1: Your gunsight will move proportionally to the joystick movement. In other words, if you were to move the joystick slightly to the right, and then let it recenter itself, your gunsight would have moved slightly to the right and would remain there.

GAME 2: You gunsight will move in a direct ratio to the joystick movement. In other words, if you want your gunsight to move to the right, you would push the joystick to the right and would have to hold the joystick there in order to keep the gunsight there.

Game Play
Fly over your planet, protecting your comrades from alien ships trying to infiltrate your culture. Use the joystick to aim your gunsight and press button 4 to release your missiles toward the aliens. You only have 60 seconds to prevent as many enemy craft as possible from getting through. In a two player game, you are both protecting the planet. The action builds as you compete to destroy the aliens!

Command Ships
Every few seconds, an enemy Command Ship will signal his presence and appear. If you destroy him, the planet's rotation speeds up, you gunsight will get larger for 5 seconds, and you will receive double points for any other alien ships destroyed.

Points are awarded for destroying each alien, as follows:

Alien Points
Command Ship 800
Starship 500
Rocket 300
Missile 200
Bomber 100

A bonus of 20 seconds is awarded for each 10,000 points scored. An additional ship (up to four) will come into view. However, your aim will have to improve after each bonus because the ships will become more difficult to hit.

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