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spike.gif (9248 bytes) The worlds first 3D platform game! Okay, so it's not quite in the same league as Mario 64 or Crash Bandicoot but this was a totally ground-breaking title when it was released.

Spike's girlfriend Molly has been kidnapped by the evil Spud and it's up to our pointy-headed hero to rescue her. You must first get the key to Molly's cage, then get to the top of the screen to set her free. Later levels also feature baddies that Spike can jump over or kick (with a totally hilarious character animation!).

The game also features cut-scenes between levels and speech(!).

This is definitely my all time favourite Vectrex title and if you haven't played it you're missing out on something special.



SPIKEOVL.ZIP - Screen overlays for use with the emulator

SPIKE.ZIP - ROM image of the game


Box Scans

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Original Game Instructions



Joystick: Moves Spike backwards and forwards along the moving catwalks, and
helps him climb up and down ladders.
Button 1: Ladder/Cage- Changes the position of the ladder (and the cage on the top level) and selects a game for one or two players.
Button 2: Kick left
Button 3: Kick right
Button 4: Jump- Allows Spike to jump over hazards. Used with joystick.

Game play
Our lovely and innocent heroine, Molly, has been kidnapped by the evil Spud!
You will hear her cry, "Eek! Help, Spike!" as he drags her away. Only Spike can save her from this awful fate. As soon as Spike kicks open the door to the villain Spud's hideaway shouting "Oh, no! Molly!", the game field appears.
Spike enters on the bottom catwalk... and then YOU have control of him!
There are three catwalks connected by a moveable ladder. Above the top catwalk, Molly has been imprisoned inside a cell. To help Spike rescue her, you must manoeuvre him to the top catwalk with the help of the ladder. Move him to the left or right and also make him climb the ladder with the joystick.
If you want to make him jump a gap in the catwalks, press button 4 at the same time as you move the joystick. Press button 1 to move the ladder around and help Spike get to Molly's rescue faster!
You will also have to retrieve the key to unlock Molly's cell. It will appear in different places, so keep a sharp watch out!

Bouncers and Birds
After your first round, you will face Spud's evil bouncers -- Spike's worst enemies! They'll do ANYTHING to keep Spike away from Molly's secret prison cell!
On the third and subsequent rounds, Birds join the Bouncers in their attack on Spike. Help Spike avoid them both -- and earn extra points -- by kicking with buttons 2 and 3. However, he cannot kick when he is on a ladder.

Rescuing Molly
When Spike has retrieved the key to Molly's cell and reached the top level, help him free his true love by positioning him under the cage and jumping to rescue her! If Spike is defeated, he will have to start again from the bottom catwalk. Spike will be defeated if he falls from a catwalk with no other catwalks underneath, if he collides with side of the screen, or if he touches a Bird or Bouncer. Every time he is defeated you will hear him exclaim, "Darn It!".
Also, after the first round, Molly's bow will fall from her cell. If Spike catches it, all his opponents will freeze for a short time, allowing him to advance more safely towards her cell.

More Difficult Levels
After the first three levels of game play, Spud's creatures begin to move faster with each level. When you have earned between 12,000 and 15,000 points, or after six rounds of play, the catwalks will change direction each time Spike destroys a Bouncer or Bird with his powerful kick. Game play continues in the one-player game until Spike has suffered four defeats (more if you earn extra lives as you play). Game play continues in the two-player game until both players have suffered all their allowed defeats... the highest score determines the winner!

Action Points
Kicking a Bouncer 100
Kicking a Bird 200
Getting a cell key 500
Opening Molly's cell 2000

Earn one bonus life (an extra allowed defeat) for every 10,000 points.

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