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Space Wars

swars.gif (6228 bytes) A great two player space duel type game. Thrust around the screen, Asteroids style, and shoot at your opponent.

The game has slightly less appeal in one player mode, it's definitely more fun to play against another person.



SPACEOVL.ZIP - Screen overlays for use with the emulator

SPACEWAR.ZIP  - ROM image of the game

Box Scans

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Original Game Instructions

Space Wars
Who says there are no rules in intergalactic warfare. Pick your own -- bounce, expanded universe, black hole -- as you embark on a deadly dogfight.

Joystick: Rotates your destroyer.
Button 1: Select number of players.
Button 2: Hyperspace (and select game number).
Button 3: Thrust.
Button 4: Fire.

Game Selection
You can select any of 7 different game play options. Each game play option determines the ship and bomb speed, as well as the type and amount of the sun's gravity. The game play options and their skill levels are as follows:

Game   Skill         Ship and     Sun's
Number Level        Laser speed  Gravity
1      Beginner     Slow          None
2      Intermediate Moderate     None
3      Intermediate Fast          None
4      Expert       Moderate      Moderate
5      Expert       Moderate      Negative
6      Expert       Moderate      Strong
7      Expert       Fast          Strong

Game Play
Space Wars is a battle between 2 opposing space ships in a hostile space field. Each round begins with your ship appearing on the right side of the screen and your opponent on the left. In a two player game, the right control panel manipulates the right ship and the left control panel  manipulates the left ship. Steer your ship with the joystick and thrust forward by pressing button 3. As you move around space, beware of the meteorite. It can destroy you. Button 4 fires lasers at your opponent. The laser may destroy a portion of the ship, but don't let a crippled ship fool you. The fight is to the death, so a crippled ship may fight back to win. Button 2 allows you to move mysteriously on the screen to avoid being hit. Use it cautiously... it might put you in an even more difficult predicament.
The sun is found at the center and can be deadly if you collide with it. Be especially aware of its gravity forces!

Fuel and Laser Strength
Each new ship has a fixed amount of fuel and laser strength. As you travel through space and fire lasers, you are using up their limited quantities. The quantity remaining for each ship is shown at the top of the screen with  the left number representing the fuel and the right representing laser strength.

Getting Hit
Once a ship is destroyed, the score is shown and a fanfare is played. If no
one has yet win the game, the next round is started.

1 point is awarded each time your opponent is destroyed. The game ends when
one ship has 10 points.

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