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Solar Quest

solar.gif (5888 bytes) Yup, it's another Asteroids clone. Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more, along comes another one.

The main difference between this and the other similar titles is the ability to rescue the survivors from the alien ships you have to destroy. Quite why you should rescue them and not let them float to a fiery demise in the heat of the sun isn't made clear, but you get bonus points for it so it's probably a good idea.

Despite it's similarity to the other Asteroids games it's still a fun title and worth playing.



SOLAROVL.ZIP - Screen overlays for use with the emulator

SOLAR.ZIP - ROM image of the game


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Original Game Instructions


Solar Quest
How many types of alien vessels will you be able to destroy? Seven different types are after you. You must first destroy them and then attempt to rescue the survivors before that float into the sun. Don't get your ship too close to the sun... its high temperatures can destroy you.

Joystick: Rotates your alien destroying ship.
Button 1: Hyperspace.
Button 2: Nuke. Fires Nukes at alien vessels.
Button 3: Thrust.
Button 4: Fire.

Game Play
The first group of aliens will fly on to the screen. Use the joystick to rotate your ship and button 3 to move forward. You must try to destroy the ships before they collide with you. To destroy alien vessels one at a time, press button 4 to fire rockets. You can destroy many alien vessels at the same time by using button 2, the Nuke. Press this button once to fire the Nuke and a second time to release its force. The number of remaining Nukes are shown at the bottom of the screen.
Button 1 allows you to move mysteriously on the screen to avoid begin hit.
Use it cautiously... it might put you in an even more difficult predicament.
Once an alien vessel is destroyed, its survivor will remain and float toward the sun in the center of the screen. You can earn extra points by either destroying the survivors or picking them up in your craft before the sun destroys them. As the game progresses, new types of aliens, who are even faster and more deadly, will enter the field.

Getting Hit
If an alien collides with you or you get to close to the sun, you will lose one ship. If you have additional ships left, you will return to the field with the same type of alien that destroyed you.

Number of Ships
In each game you start with 3 ships. An extra ship is awarded for each 25
survivors rescued.

Points are awarded for destroying the alien ships, as follows:

Alien Points
Alien 1 250
Alien 2 300
Alien 3 350
Alien 4 400
Alien 5 450
Alien 6 500
Alien 7 750

After careful piloting, a ghost ship will appear. You will earn 3500 points for destroying it. If a survivor is destroyed, 250 points are earned. If a survivor is picked up, 1000 points are earned. An extra Nuke is awarded for each 10,000 points earned.

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