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Spike goes Skiing



After a long break, this game is back in active development. I've uploaded a more recent alpha version of the ROM image below (this isn't my most up to date code) in which the skiing levels are pretty much complete.

In case you never played 'Horace goes Skiing' on the Spectrum (the inspiration for this title), here's the basic idea of the game.

Each level alternates between a Frogger section and a skiing section. In the Frogger part you have to cross the road to get to the ski shop, get your skis then cross back over the road to get to the ski slope. The game isn't going to follow the original exactly but hopefully it'll be just as much fun.

I'm working on the Frogger levels at the moment, as well as tidying up the rest of the code.

To-do list:

  • Finish the Frogger section
  • Additional sound-effects and music
  • New graphics for cut-scenes and intro
  • High score saving routines for EEPROM
  • Implement the newly designed, top secret, third level type!

The game will be released on cartridge when complete. There will be a standard version, along with a limited run gold edition with enhanced packaging, EEPROM high-score saving, limited edition screen overlay, and additional game features. The ROM image of the standard version will be made freely available for use on emulators, or to build your own cart. The source code will also be released (once i've made it a bit easier to read!).

Keep an eye on the website for updates.





ski08.bin - Spike Goes Skiing (08Alpha) ROM image

SKIINGS.ZIP - Source code for an earlier version of the game

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