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scramble.gif (7268 bytes) This is one of the few Vectrex titles that is a conversion of a sprite based game. Considering the limitations of implementing such a game on a vector display, the end result is surprisingly close to it's arcade counterpart.

The basic aim of the game is to fly your ship across the scrolling landscape, destroying the baddies and attempting to blow up the enemy base on the final level.

This is the game that started the whole horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up genre and even now it's still a damn playable game. There is a fair amount of variety between the different levels which helps add to the games lasting appeal and all in all it's a fun little game.




SCRAMOVL.ZIP - Screen overlays for use with the emulator

SCRAMBLE.ZIP - ROM image of the game


Box Scans

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Original Game Instructions


Watch out for that next mountain! Maneuver your ship over a rough terrain in an effort to destroy the enemy base. Careful piloting alone won't get you to your destination... you must brave rockets, UFOs, flamoids and some very tight tunnels. Few people have ever seen the enemy base, let alone destroy it. Will you be one of the select few?

Joystick: Moves ship up or down, faster or slower. Moves in 8 directions
indicated on overlay.
Button 1: Not used.
Button 2: Not used.
Button 3: Bomb. Drops bombs on objects below.
Button 4: Laser. Shoots lasers at approaching objects.

Difficulty Selection
You can select any of 3 difficulty levels when beginning Scramble:

Difficulty Fuel Missile UFO Maze
Level Consumption Flight Speed Width
Game 1 Slow Straight Slow Average
Game 2 Medium Curves Medium Average
toward you
Game 3 Fast Curves Fast Tight
toward you

Game Play
Your ship will immediately come into view and the landscape of the first part of your journey will begin moving beneath you. Use the joystick to maneuver your ship across the terrain, avoiding the mountains and other obstacles. Press button 3 to drop bombs. Press button 4 to fire lasers at the obstacles. If you are successful in piloting through that section of the terrain, you will immediately fly to the next, more difficult part of the planet. If you successfully travel through all levels, you will eventually reach the enemy base.

The joystick lets you control the ship's height and speed. Push the joystick up and down to control how high you are flying. By moving the joystick right and left, you can control the speed. You can also move diagonally. You cannot move any further back then the left side of the screen.

Objects Found on Journey
The various obstacles you will encounter as you head toward the enemy base

Missiles- [Obvious- they will launch up at you sometimes.]
Fuel Tanks- [Boxes on two legs.]
Mystery Bases- [Big box with an X in it.]
UFOs- ["Bowl-shaped." Have vertical symmetry.]
Flamoids- [Almost triangles. Have horizontal symmetry.]

There are five levels in Scramble which you must survive in an effort to get to the enemy base. The levels are as follows:

LEVEL ONE: The Mountains.
Fly over a mountainous terrain, destroying obstacles. Maneuver
carefully... surface-to-air missiles will be constantly

LEVEL TWO: The Cavern.
Weave your way through a treacherous cavern. Be sure to avoid
the floor and ceiling while also avoiding or destroying the

LEVEL THREE: The Flamoids.
Careful piloting is required to survive this level. Flamoids
are speeding toward you and your bullets and lasers have no
effect on them -- you can only try to avoid this danger.

Climb high over the walls of the city. Watch carefully because
missiles hidden in silos may take off and destroy you at any

This tight maze requires absolute precision to survive. The
fuel tanks at the beginning are your last chance to fuel up
before tackling the enemy base.

LEVEL SIX: The Enemy Base.
Your only objective is to bomb the enemy base. This level will
repeat until the base is successfully destroyed.

The fuel gauge is at the bottom of the screen. Each of your ships will start with a full tank and you can add fuel by destroying the fuel tanks with bombs or lasers. Each fuel tank is worth 1/8 of your tank. If you start to run low, your fuel gauge will flash and a warning signal will sound. If you do run out of fuel, your ship will crash.

If you collide with the landscape or any obstacle, you will lose one ship.  You will automatically return to the beginning of the level you were on.

Bombing the Enemy Base
Once the enemy base is hit, the Scramble them is played and the difficulty
of the game is increased further. You will get a full tank of fuel and will
automatically advance to LEVEL ONE again.

Number of Ships
In each game you start with 5 ships. A bonus ship is awarded when you
score 10,000 points.

As long as you are flying you are awarded 10 points every second. You are
also awarded points for destroying obstacles. The obstacles, their point
values and the levels in which they appear are as follows:

Obstacle Points Levels
Missile (on ground) 50 1,2,3,4
Missile (in air) 80 1,4
Fuel Tank 150 1,2,3,4,5
Mystery Base 200 1,2,3,4
UFO 100 2
Enemy Base 850 6

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