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Rip Off

ripoff.gif (7021 bytes) Yet another Asteroids type game. This one has you trying to protect a collection of fuel cells in the centre of the screen from the enemy ships who try and run off with them. Quite cool but not as much fun as Minestorm.



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RIPOFF.ZIP - ROM image of the game


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Original Game Instructions


Rip Off


Beware of scavenging pirates trying to steal your precious fuel cells! The more pirates you destroy, the faster their successors become. Guard your tanks carefully... you are always outnumbered!



Joystick: Rotates your pirate-destroying ship.

Button 1: Left rotation.

Button 2: Right rotation.

Button 3: Thrust.

Button 4: Fire.


Two controllers are required for two player games.


Game Selection


You can select any of the 16 different game play options. Each game play option determines the number of available fuel cells and which characters can wraparound the screen (e.g. leave on the left side of the screen and return on the right). The game play options are as follows:


Game Number of Pirate-Destroying

Number Fuel cells Ship Pirates Lasers


1 8 |

2 8 | X

3 8 | X

4 8 | X X

5 8 | X

6 8 | X X

7 8 | X X

8 8 | X X X

9 4 |

10 4 | X

11 4 | X

12 4 | X X

13 4 | X

14 4 | X X

15 4 | X X

16 4 | X X X



Game Play


Your pirate-destroying ship will appear on the right side of the screen.

In a two player game, a second pirate-destroying ship will appear on the left side of the screen. Your fuel cells will be in the center. You must guard your fuel cells from the pirates who will try to steal them. The pirates can appear from anywhere on the screen. Steer your ship with either the joystick or buttons 1 and 2, for left and right rotation. Move your ship forward by pressing button 3. Press button 4 to fire lasers at the pirates. The pirates can be destroyed by colliding with them, but you will then have to wait for your new pirate-destroying ship to appear before you can fire more lasers. The game is over when all the fuel cells are stolen.


The Pirates


There are six types of pirates. Each new type is faster and smarter.

They can all steal fuel tanks and fire lasers at you. In a one player game, two pirates of the first type will appear. If you destroy them, two pirates of the second type will attempt to steal fuel cells, and so on. After all six pirates types appear, two at a time, they will start appearing three at a time. In a two player game, you start with six of each type of pirate, appearing three at a time.

Getting Hit


If you are hit by a pirate or collide with a pirate or the other ship (in two player game only), you will disappear. After a brief delay, you will return from the side on which you first entered.




Points are awarded for destroying each pirate, as follows:

Pirate 1 -- 10 points

Pirate 2 -- 20 points

Pirate 3 -- 30 points

Pirate 4 -- 40 points

Pirate 5 -- 50 points

Pirate 6 -- 60 points


No points are awarded for destroying the other pirate-destroying ship (two player game).


Bonus Points


After destroying all six types of ships you go to the bonus levels. When "Bonus + 10" appears on the screen, 10 additional points are earned for each pirate destroyed. After destroying 6 more pirate groups "Bonus + 20" will appear. The bonuses will continue to increase for each six pirate groups destroyed.


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