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minestorm.gif (10808 bytes) Minestorm was built into the Vectrex console, so it's the one game that everyone with the system owns.

It's basically a blatent Asteroids rip-off, but an enjoyable one. Just thrust around in your little spaceship and blow up the mines without bumping into them. The gameplay is kept interesting by the introduction of different types of mines on the higher levels (mines that fire back at you and magnetic ones that follow you around).

Overall it's a simplistic but frenetic blaster which most shoot-em-up fans should enjoy.

The interesting thing about this game is that there were three different versions floating around (as well as a few hacked versions with different variations on the game). The original release that was included with most (all?) of the machines was bugged, after level thirteen it crashed. This is simply because the programmers never expected anyone to get that far through it and didn't bother sticking any more levels on. The other two versions fixed this bug.



5MINE-2D.ZIP - Hacked version of the Minesweeper ROM with infinite lives

6MINE-2D.ZIP - Hacked version of the Minesweeper ROM with extra bullets

MINE.ZIP - Hacked version of the Minesweeper ROM with infinite lives and more bullets


Original Game Instructions

Tread lightly! The transport lanes of intergalactic space have been seeded with mines from an alien vessel. Use your mine destroying blaster to blow up the mines before they annihilate you! You may survive the floating mines, but beware of the fireball, magnetic, and treacherous fireball-magnetic mines... 13 fields, each one more difficult, await you!

Joystick: Rotates your mine destroying ship.
Button 1: Unused.
Button 2: Escape (hyperspace).
Button 3: Thrust.
Button 4: Fire.

Game Play
The enemy minelayer will move through your galaxy and will seed the first mine field. Your ship will come into view once he disappears. Four large mines will suddenly become activated.
Maneuver your ship within the galaxy in an effort to destroy the mines.
Use your joystick to rotate your ship and button 3 to thrust forward. Button 2 allows you to mysteriously move to a new location on the screen. Use it cautiously... it might put you in a more difficult predicament! As you travel through space, use button 4 for fire at the mines. As you destroy them, additional mines will become activated. Be careful... the minelayer may reappear to seed the field, but you can blast him as well.
Once you make that part of the galaxy safe, you immediately travel to the
next mine field. There are 13 different mine fields, each one becoming
increasingly difficult.

Getting Hit
If you are hit by a mine you will lose one ship. The minelayer will
reseed the field you are currently in and you will have another chance to
clear out the field if you have any ships remaining.

Types of Mines
There are 4 kinds of mines which appear at different stages of the game.
Floating Mines: [Three-pointed star] These are "dumb" mines which simply
drift through space.
Fireball Mines: [Four-pointed semi-square star with dot in middle] These
mines hurl a fireball at you as soon as you hit them. You can avoid
the fireball or destroy it with a rocket.
Magnetic Mines: [Four-pointed "true" star] These mines will follow you
anywhere in the galaxy you go.
Magnetic-Fireball Mines: [Kind of a "bent" Fireball Mine] These mines have
the traits of both Magnetic and Fireball Mines.

Each type of mine will appear in 3 sizes -- large, medium and small.

Field Types
Each of the 13 mine fields gets more difficult, but each starts with 4
large mines. Once a large mine is destroyed, 2 medium-sized mines are
activated. When a medium-sized mine is destroyed, 2 small mines are
activated. The first field has 4 floating mines. Each new field starts with
harder combinations of mines. Will you discover the types of mines in Field
If you can survive 13 mine fields, you will enter a new type of universe.
Space dust and alien forces make this new world a difficult challenge!

Number of Ships
In each game you will start with 5 ships. A bonus ship is awarded if you
clear out 4 fields

Points are awarded for destroying the mines, as follows:
Types of Mine Large Medium Small
Floating 100 135 200
Fireball 325 360 425
Magnetic 500 535 600
Magnetic-Fireball 750 785 850

Additionally, 110 points are earned for hitting the fireball itself and
1000 points for hitting the minelayer.

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