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28/03/21 - Vectorblade - PCB-only game cartridge - 25.99 Shipped - AVAILABLE NOW!!

A PCB-only version of Malban's epic shoot-em-up game Vectorblade, is now available from my shop page for only 25.99 including airmail shipping to any destination worldwide (or 22.99 delivered within the UK). Game will be supplied as a board only, in an anti-static bag, and comes complete with a label if you want to house it in a cartridge shell.

More details about the game can be found on Malban's Github page, and blog.


15/03/21 - 72 Game Multicart v2 - AVAILABLE NOW!!

The NEW version of my 72 in 1 Multicart is now available for only 39.99 shipped by airmail to any destination worldwide (or 36.99 delivered within the UK). Details can be found on the 'Shop' page.

The new version is fully compatible with all Vectrex machines (including the 'no-buzz' consoles).

New to Version 2:

  • Veccy Bird (Michael Simonds' superb Flappy Bird clone)
  • Whack a Mole (Full game from Chris Malcolm, playable with joystick, light-pen, or light-gun!)
  • Space Race (1 or 2 player game from Chris Malcolm)
  • Vecdrum (Vectrex drum machine by Chris Malcolm)
  • Cantina Band Demo (Music demo from Chris Malcolm)
  • Mail Plane Prototype (Unreleased light pen game - binary was kindly released to the Vectrex community by Chris Romero)
  • Splut's Bells Demo (playable preview of my new Hunchback-inspired game)

Please note - Most of this website hasn't changed much in the last 20 years :) However, the main page and shop are updated regularly!

 I'm sure you'll find it pretty simple to find your way around, just use the buttons in the left-hand frame. Following is a list of the different sections and what they contain :-


You're looking at it now!


A quick overview of the Vectrex system


Download the Vectrex emulator (DVE) and play all the classic games on your PC


Reviews of all the Vectrex games ever officially released (and a few more!) along with downloads, instruction books and more.


Find information on all the add-ons and accessories available for the Vectrex along with pictures and scans of their packaging.


Magazine adverts, leaflets and other promotional material.

Technical Info

Explanations, schematics and other stuff relating to the techie side of the Vectrex.

Japanese Vectrex

Info on the japanese version of the Vectrex.


Info on my 72 in 1 multicart


Buy stuff.


What's New ?

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Updated Vectorblade price on main page.


Updated front page and changed shipping prices for Multicart depending on customer location. Added Vectorblade PCB-only version to shop.


Added multicart page.


Added 'City Bomber' page. A new game:)


Updated the 'Spike goes Skiing page' page with some new screenshots.


Updated the 'Spike goes Skiing page' page with more game details and new ROM image.


Site resurrected after an eight year break!


Added Chris Salamon's programming tutorial


Added the preview of my 'Spike goes Skiing' game

Fixed the link to the Frogger page


Updated the Japanese Vectrex page with two pics from Jason Merlo

Added scans of the Owners Club Magazine to the Adverts section.


Updated the 'Spike goes Skiing' preview and added the source code.


Another minor update to the 'Spike goes skiing preview.


Fixed the link to the programming tutorial.

Added the box scans for Spike.

Updated the emulation section to include the latest version of DVE (2.00b).

Coming Soon!

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The rest of the game reviews

Thank You!

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The following is a list of people (in no paticular order) who have, in one way or another, contributed towards making the Nest what it is today. All of them deserve more than just a thank you :)

Lai - For help with the layout of the whole thing, HTML tips, promotional ideas and for buying a computer from me ^_^

Darren Kenney - For testing the page in an Amiga browser, and being a good mate in general.

John Dondzilla and Clay Cowgill - For giving me permission to put ROMs of their new Vectrex games on the site (and for writing them in the first place!)

William Hayden - For info on the Vectrex computer add-on.

Matt Kiehl - For spotting some mistakes on the games pages.

Frank (forgotten your last name) - For reporting the broken links

Chris Salomon - For supplying me with most of the scans and pictures on the site and being the biggest contributor of material to the Nest to date as well as being the person responsible for the more recent versions of DVE, Vectrex Frogger (hooray!) and the programming information and tutorial.

The CyberPunks (Jim Nitchals, Dan Skelton, Glenn Saunders and Russ Perry) - For releasing the afore-mentioned scans and pictures on the Stella CD in the first place.

Barry Cantin - For allowing the Cyberpunks to scan his Vectrex collection and put on the Stella CD!!

Smith Engineering - The copyright holders of all the Vectrex related material for allowing free distribution for non profit making purposes.

Bill Stanton - For supplying the Vectrex pic on the main page.

Sly DC - For the scans of the Passport catalogue, the UK box scans and some other pictures.

Jason Merlo - For the pics of his Japanese Vectrex.

Keith Ainsworth - For the photocopies of the Owners Club Magazine.

Everyone who has visited this page - For giving me the incentive to keep going with it.

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