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Japanese Vectrex


japlogo.jpg (43083 bytes)I have very little information about the Japanese version of the Vectrex, most of which is taken from the images on this page.

The Vectrex was releasd in Japan in 1984 by Bandai under the name 'Kousokusen' along with nine games, Space Wars, Scramble Wars (Scramble), Hyperchase, Armor Attack, Cosmic Chasm, Berzerk and three others.

That's all i know, as soon as i get any more information i'll put it up on the Nest.

Big thanks to Sly DC for the pictures and information in this section.


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The following two photo's were sent to me by Jason Merlo. As you can see, the only major differences between the Japanese version and the UK and US versions are the green colour scheme used for the trimmings and the Japanese text. Thanks Jason!! :)

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