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hyper.gif (6924 bytes) Dismal racing game that fails in two major areas, one, it's absolutely no fun to play and two, it's a big pile of shite.

It's also even more unplayable on the emulator due to the fact that it uses an analogue control method (the analogue features of the stick aren't implemented in DVE).

If you want a racing game play Pole Position instead.





HYPEROVL.ZIP - Screen overlays for use with the emulator

HYPER.ZIP - ROM image of the game


Box Scans

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Original Game Instructions

Hyper Chase Auto Race
Watch out for the guardrail! You're behind the wheel of your formula one racer about to start the world's toughest grand prix. Try to stay alive through city streets and country roads. Start your engine -- the start lights are counting down!

Joystick: Controls position of your race car on the track.
Button 1: Up shift.
Button 2: Down shift.
Button 3: Brake.
Button 4: Accelerator.

Game Selection
You have a choice of two game play options. They are:
GAME 1: You play against the clock. You goal is to drive the course in as little time as possible. Each crash wastes valuable time, but you can have an unlimited number of crashes.
GAME 2: Your goal is to accumulate as many points as possible. You gain points for speed and miles traveled over the course before losing 5 race cars.

Game Play
Your formula one racer will appear at the bottom of the screen with its engine warmed-up and ready to go. Your gear number (1 to start) is found at the top center of the screen and the speedometer is found at the bottom of the screen. Press your accelerator, button 4, to get the race underway. If you keep your finger on the accelerator, your car will advance about 1/3 of the way up the track. By taking your finger off the accelerator, your car will ride toward the bottom of the screen.
Your joystick will control your position on the track, but your gearshift (buttons 1 and 2), combined with your accelerator, will control your speed.  As you accelerate, you will hear your engine working too hard. Press button 1 to shift to second gear and accelerate until you again hear the engine working too hard. You can shift into third and forth gear in the same manner.
You must now travel the course, staying on the road and avoiding collisions. Be careful not to travel too slowly because a car can always hit you from behind!

Automatic Play
If you do not start your car on its route within 15 seconds, the car will begin to travel by itself. However, you can take over command of the racer by just using the joystick and buttons.

Getting Hit
If you run off the side of the road of hit another racer, you will lose your car. In GAME 1, you will lose the time it takes for another racer to appear. In GAME 2, you will return to the track if you have additional cars left. In both games, you return to the point on the course where you crashed. Don't forget to downshift to first gear before resuming the race. When GAME 1 is played as a two player game, the first player is allowed to finish the course and get his time before the second player has a turn, no matter how many crashes occur. When GAME 2 is played as a two player game, the two opponents take turns at the wheel each time a car is destroyed.

Number of Cars
GAME 1 has an unlimited number of cars. In GAME 2 you start with 5 cars.  An extra car is awarded after earning 15,000 points.

In GAME 1, your score is the amount of time in seconds it takes you to complete the entire course. The lower your time, the better you drove. In GAME 2, points are earned for the miles you travel as well as your speed. The higher your score, the better you drove.

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