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Vectrex Frogger

frogger.gif (8209 bytes) Chris Salamon's Vectrex Frogger is finally here, and the wait has been well worth it.

The graphics are superb, the presentation is excellent and the music is great too. Most of all though, the game is a joy to play, the difficulty level is pitched just right and it's very addictive.

The game also features some excellent 'tweening effects on the title screen and has a continue option when you've lost all your lives.

You may think i'm going a bit over the top with praise for this one, but i really did enjoy it, it's just the kind of game the Vectrex needs.



FROGGER.ZIP - ROM image of the game

FSOURCE.ZIP - Source code for the game in 6809 assembler

FROG-OVL.ZIP - Overlays for use with the emulator

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