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Vectrex Emulation




An emulator is a program that makes your computer behave like another system, thus allowing you to use software designed for use on other platforms. There is an excellent Vectrex emulator for the PC called DVE (DOS Vectrex Emulator) so you can happily play all the classic Vectrex games without having to actually own the console. The emulator was originally developed by Keith Wilkins (kwilkins@nectech.co.uk) but is currently being maintained by Chris Salamon. It supports all the Vectrex games and allows you to use virtual screen overlays.

Okay, i've finally uploaded the latest (and possibly last) version of DVE, v2.00b. It's a hell of an improvement over the last version i had up here, there's a GUI and an excellent run-time monitor (excellent for program development) among other things. You need to download both ZIP files to use the emulator.



DVE_2B_1.ZIP - Part one of the DOS binary distribution of DVE

DVE_2B_2.ZIP - Part two

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