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City Bomber

Based on an old VIC-20 title called 'Blitz' (and countless other 8-bit incarnations), this is an incredibly simple game that's incredibly addictive:)

Despite the name change (for obvious reasons), this conversion remains faithful to it's ancient predecessors. Your plane flies above an abandoned city, slowly descending towards the buildings. Your only hope of survival is to destroy the towering city blocks beneath you to clear a makeshift runway for your plane to land on.

This is the first game i've written that has been released on cartridge. A special edition version was made available, limited to fifty copies. The limited edition number is printed on the cartridge label, the box cover, and is shown on the title screen of each game.

This limited edition also includes a playable, six level, beta version of 'Spike goes Skiing' featuring both skiing and frogger levels.


The Standard Edition version of the game is now available to purchase from my shop page, and is also included on my 72 game Multicart. The game is also available to download (link at the bottom of this page) if you wish to play it on an emulator.




Limited Edition Cartridge Pictures


Standard Edition Cartridge Pictures



ROM image of City Bomber Freeware Edition is available here.

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