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Armor Attack

armor.gif (18087 bytes) Fun little shoot-em-up for one or two players.

Drive your jeep around the maze and shoot the tanks and helicopters. This would have been a lot more fun had there been a competitive two player mode (like Combat on the Atari) but as it stands it's an enjoyable diversion.





ARMOVL.ZIP - Screen overlays for use with the emulator

ARMOR.ZIP - ROM image of the game


Box Scans

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Original Game Instructions

   Maneuver your jeep through the streets and alleys of an occupied town. 
Hide from the enemy tanks behind buildings and launch your own surprise
attack!  Improve your chance of survival by playing with an ally.  But beware
of the deadly helicopter flying overhead... no place is safe from this
treacherous enemy.
   For simultaneous two player game play, a second control panel is needed.
Joystick:  Rotates your jeep.
Button 1:  Left rotation.
Button 2:  Right rotation.
Button 3:  Thrust.
Button 4:  Fire.
Game Selection
   You can select any of three game play options.  They are:
GAME 1: The buildings are drawn in on the screen giving you a clear picture
        of the obstacles.  The joystick is used to rotate your jeep, but
        buttons 1 and 2 can also be used to "fine tune" your movements.
        Every time you press button 1 or 2 you rotate only SLIGHTLY to the
        left or right.
GAME 2: The buildings are drawn in on the screen, as in GAME 1.  The joystick
        can be used to rotate your jeep, but buttons 1 and 2 can also be used
        to rotate your jeep freely to the left or right.  There is no "fine
        tuning" feature in this option.
GAME 3: The buildings are not drawn in on the screen, creating a blind maze.
        The joystick or buttons 1 and 2 can be used to rotate your jeep, as
        in GAME 2.
Game Play
   Your jeep will appear in the middle of a bombed out city still inhabited
by your enemies.  If two players are defending the city, two jeeps will
appear.  An enemy tank will roll in from the outskirts of the city and you
must destroy him before he destroys you.  Use the joystick or buttons 1 and 2
to aim your jeep and button 3 to move forward.  Once in striking range, use
button 4 to fire your missiles.  Hitting the tank once will only dismantle
him... you must hit him a second time to destroy him.  As you destroy tanks,
additional tanks will be dispatched from the enemy battalion and an enemy
helicopter will also enter, prepared to do battle.  Your missiles can destroy
the helicopter too, but there is no place to hide from this treacherous
Getting Hit
   If you are hit by a tank or helicopter missile you will lose one jeep.  If
you have additional jeeps left, you will return to the city and face your
enemies again.
Number of Jeeps
   At the beginning of each game, you will have 5 jeeps.  A bonus jeep is
awarded each time 5 helicopters are hit.
   Points are earned for destroying tanks and helicopters, as follows:
      Action                       Points
    First hit on tank                200
    Second hit on tank               300 + bonus
    Helicopter destroyed            1000
   The bonus is equal to 100 points for each helicopter previously hit. 
After each 5 helicopters, the bonus starts again at 100 for the next

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