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All Good Things

agt.gif (12851 bytes) A compilation of four new games from John Dondzila : More Invaders, Rockaroids, Vectris and Spike's Water Balloons (screenshot shown).

More Invaders is a big improvement over Vector Vaders, the graphics are tidier and the game plays a lot more smoothly.

Rockaroids is a nice Asteroids clone and Vectris is a rather uninspired Tetris conversion.

The best of the lot in my opinion however is Spike's water Balloons (despite it being slated in some other reviews). Move Spike left and right at the bottom of the screen and burst the water balloons with his spikey head. Simplistic but very addictive.

All in all this is a very nice collection, only let down slightly by Vectris.



AGT.ZIP - ROM image of the game

AGTOVL.ZIP - Overlays for use with the emulator


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